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Requirements for supervisors

Becoming a supervisor

To become a Board-approved supervisor you must have:

  • held general registration as a psychologist for at least three years, and 
  • successfully completed full training with a Board-approved provider.

The training requirements are detailed in the Guidelines for supervisors.

Contact details for all Board-approved training providers are listed on the Board’s Supervisor training webpage.

Once you have met the requirements, you can seek supervisor approval using the ABAS-76 form, attaching a copy of your training certificate of completion.

Once approved, you will appear on the searchable List of approved supervisors. The list will display your name, registration number, supervisor approval type/s, and the date you need to renew your supervisor approval by.

The circumstances in which the Board may refuse or revoke supervisor approval can be found in the Guidelines for supervisors.

When supervisor approval is/isn’t required

You need to be a Board-approved supervisor to supervise the following programs:

Psychologists undertaking any of the above mentioned training programs should ensure their supervisor is approved by searching for them on the Board’s List of approved supervisors.

Supervision occurring in other settings does not need to be provided by a Board-approved supervisor, e.g. supervision as a line manager, supervision of a research dissertation, peer consultation, or supervision for CPD purposes.

Approval for registrar program principal supervision

Principal supervisors of registrars require additional Board-approval as a ‘Registrar Program Principal Supervisor’. Psychologists must have held endorsement in the relevant area of practice for at least two years to obtain this additional approval.

Secondary supervisors of registrars don’t require any additional approval other than being a Board-approved supervisor.

Maintaining your supervisor approval

To maintain your Board-approved supervisor status you need to complete refresher training at least once every five years. The minimum requirement is the completion of one Board-approved master class. The following training will also satisfy the refresher training requirement:

  • More than one master class 
  • Part 2 of full training 
  • Parts 1 and 2 of full training 
  • Parts 2 and 3 of full training, or 
  • all three parts of full training.

Psychologists who have taken a break from supervision or from psychological practice more generally, or feel they need to refresh their knowledge and skill across the supervisor competencies, are encouraged to consider full training instead of a master class

Once you complete refresher training you need to apply to the Board to maintain your supervisor status by using the MBAS-76 form, attaching evidence you have completed refresher training. Your supervisor approval will be extended for five years from the date you complete refresher training, not the date you submit your form or your application is approved.

If you don’t complete refresher training and apply to maintain your supervisor approval before your five-year approval term ends, your approval will lapse. Any supervision provided while you are not a Board-approved supervisor will not be recognised by the Board in the training program being undertaken by the supervisee. Supervisors are responsible for informing their supervisee/s that their BAS status has lapsed.

To reinstate your BAS status you must complete a Board-approved full training program before re-applying to the Board.

Obligations as a Board-approved supervisor

All psychologists have an obligation to ensure they are familiar with, and practise in accordance with, the Board’s registration standards, guidelines and APS code of ethics. As a supervisor, you should be particularly familiar with the Board’s Guidelines for supervisors and, depending which training pathway you are supervising, you should understand and adhere to the supervision requirements set out in the relevant guideline or policy document.

The obligations and responsibilities of Board-approved supervisors are set out in the Guidelines for supervisors. Supervisors who fall below acceptable standards may have their supervisor approval revoked – refer to the Policy for refusing or revoking BAS status (in the guidelines) for more information.

Page reviewed 31/03/2020