Endorsement of a psychologist's registration is a legal mechanism under the National Law to identify practitioners who have an additional qualification and advanced supervised practice recognised by the Board.

Endorsements are visible to the public, employers, and anyone else accessing the public Register of practitioners.

In Australia, all psychologists are registered on a single register which includes notation of area of practice endorsements. The notation of an endorsement is not a separate specialist register. Nor is it based on experience derived during the course of a professional career. To be eligible to apply for an area of practice endorsement a psychologist must have advanced training (an accredited qualification in the area of practice followed by a period of supervised practice) over the requirements for general registration.

The following area of practice endorsements are available for psychologists:

  • clinical neuropsychology
  • clinical psychology
  • community psychology
  • counselling psychology
  • educational and developmental psychology
  • forensic psychology
  • health psychology
  • organisational psychology
  • sport and exercise psychology

The requirements for area of practice endorsement are set out in the Area of practice endorsements registration standard (288 KB,PDF).

There are two pathways to obtain area of practice endorsement:

  • The standard pathway - area of practice endorsement is achieved by completing an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited Masters or Doctorate followed by the Board’s registrar program.
  • The non-standard pathway - is for applicants for endorsement who have not completed a Psychology Board of Australia registrar program, including overseas trained applicants and applicants applying under transition provisions.
Page reviewed 1/07/2013