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Area of practice endorsement (AoPE) identifies psychologists who have completed an approved postgraduate qualification (or a postgraduate qualification that is substantially equivalent or based on similar competencies to an approved qualification), and supervised training in an area of practice.

Area of practice endorsement allows psychologists to use a protected title associated with that area of practice.

Area of practice endorsement is a regulatory mechanism and is represented as a notation on a psychologist’s record on the public register of practitioners.

Psychologists with general registration can be endorsed in one or more of the following approved areas of practice:

  • clinical neuropsychology 
  • clinical psychology 
  • community psychology 
  • counselling psychology 
  • educational and developmental psychology 
  • forensic psychology 
  • health psychology 
  • organisational psychology, and 
  • sport and exercise psychology.

To check if a registered psychologist has an endorsement, review their registration details on the online Register of Practitioners.

To find out more about what is required to obtain an area of practice endorsement, see Pathways to endorsement. Detailed information about AoPE requirements are set out in the Area of practice endorsement registration standard and supporting information is provided in the Guidelines for area of practice endorsement.

We appreciate that understanding how regulation of AoPE works in practice can be complicated. It is important to think about it in context of health practitioner regulation more generally. To assist, we have provided responses to some of the questions the Board commonly receives in relation to AoPE.

Page reviewed 29/01/2024