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Supervisor search FAQ

For other frequently asked questions about supervision, see the Supervision FAQ.

This searchable online list can be used to:

  • find and contact supervisors who may be able to supervise you in a supervision program
  • check if a psychologist is a Board-approved supervisor, or
  • check your own supervisor details.

The list cannot be used for any other purpose, e.g. contacting supervisors to market your business.

There are two types of supervisors on the list. You can filter your search using one of these types.

1. Board-approved supervisors can supervise any of the following programs:

    • Internship (4+2 or 5+1) as a principal and/or secondary supervisor
    • Higher degree placements (provided they meet university/accreditation requirements)
    • Work in addition to higher degree placements
    • Re-entry program (for psychologists returning to practice)
    • Transitional program (for overseas qualified psychologists)
    • Registrar program only as a secondary supervisor

2. Registrar program principal supervisors can supervise registrars as a principal supervisor.

If you are looking for a supervisor in a particular location you can search using a suburb or postcode and may select a surrounding distance between 5 and 200km. You can also use the filters to search for a registrar program principal supervisor in a specified area of practice.

  • Supervisor’s full name and registration number
  • Suburb, state or territory, and postcode of their principal place of practice
  • Whether they are a Board-approved supervisor and/or a registrar program principal supervisor, including the area(s) of practice for the latter
  • Supervisor approval expiry date (the supervisor needs to complete refresher training and apply to maintain Board-approval before this date), and
  • Whether or not they are available to be contacted.

You can click on a supervisor’s name to go through to their entry on the public register to see additional information, such as qualifications, endorsements, and date of first registration.

Try increasing the surrounding distance radius, or looking in other geographic areas. The Board will approve remote supervision arrangements where appropriate (e.g. for rural-based practitioners), so you can try looking for a supervisor willing to provide supervision via videoconference and telephone.

If you are looking for a registrar program principal supervisor for your area of practice, you may not get a result in your geographic area. All registrar supervision can be undertaken remotely, so try looking for a supervisor in any location who is willing to provide supervision via videoconference and telephone.

If you are certain they are an approved supervisor, you might have entered information in a search field that does not match information on the list. A mismatch can occur when the psychologist uses a name that is different to their legal name on the public register (e.g. Kate instead of Katherine); or they practise at two locations and the one you searched for is not the principal place of practice recorded on the register.

The simplest way to find a specific supervisor is to enter only their registration number. Alternatively, you can search by family name alone (exact spelling required) or, for common names, adding the suburb where they practice and an appropriate surrounding distance of practice.

If you still can’t find someone on the supervisor list, try finding them on the public register. If they are on the register but aren’t on the supervisor list, it is likely they are not currently a Board-approved supervisor.

When a supervisor has not provided consent to be contacted by potential supervisees, their search result will say ‘Not available’. A supervisor may not wish to be contacted for various reasons, such as:

  • they are already supervising someone and are unable to take on a new supervisee at the moment
  • they are taking a break from supervision, but wish to remain on the list because they intend supervise in the future, or
  • they only provide supervision in their work role, so are not available to provide external supervision.

All supervisors need to be on the list so that supervisees, employers and higher education providers can check if they are approved.

The process of validating your email address checks you have entered it correctly, ensuring supervisors can email you back. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, include a phone number in your message. Validating email addresses also protects supervisors from receiving unsolicited communications, such as advertising or malicious content from fake email accounts.

You can send one message to up to 20 supervisors at the one time. If you want to send a message to more supervisors you need to complete another web-form and get another email validation code.

No. Supervisors are encouraged to respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe or to change their status to ‘not available’ if they don’t wish to receive emails. You can contact them again in case they didn’t see your message, but if you still don’t hear back you should try other supervisors.

Page reviewed 7/11/2018