Non-practising registration

Non-practising registration is available under section 73 of the National Law to individuals who hold or have held general registration as a psychologist under the National Law or a corresponding prior Act. Non-practising registration allows a person to remain on the register and to continue to use the protected title ‘psychologist’.

Non-practising psychologists are not required to take any steps to meet the Board’s registration standards in relation to professional indemnity insurance, continuing professional development, or recency of practice, as these standards specifically exclude those with non-practising registration.

Psychologists with non-practising registration remain subject to the Psychology Board’s jurisdiction in relation to their professional conduct. They also have the same obligations under the National Law with regard to mandatory reporting of notifiable conduct and notifying the Board of certain events required by the National Law (such as a change in criminal history).

Psychologists applying for non-practising registration pay a reduced registration fee but must not practise the profession at all.

Non-practising registration may be suitable for psychologists who:

  • have retired from psychology practice but wish to continue using the title ‘psychologist’
  • are having a temporary absence from practice (for example, on maternity or paternity leave)
  • are not practising in Australia but are practising overseas, or
  • are working in non-psychological positions but intend to return to psychology practice in the future.

More information about non-practising registration is available in the non-practising registration FAQ. The Board also publishes the fact sheet - When it is necessary to be registered as a psychologist - which is available under Fact sheets and FAQ. An application form to apply for non-practising registration is available on the Forms page.

Psychologists who take a break from practising the profession and intend to return to practice in the future should ensure they are familiar the recency of practice requirements for psychologists.

Page reviewed 30/04/2019