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Non-practising registration

Non-practising registration allows a psychologist to remain on the register of practitioners and to continue to use the protected title ‘psychologist’ while taking a break from practice.

Non-practising registration may be suitable for psychologists who:

  • have retired from psychology practice but wish to continue using the title ‘psychologist’
  • are having a temporary absence from practice (e.g. on parental leave)
  • are not practising in Australia but are practising overseas, or
  • are working in non-psychological positions but intend to return to psychology practice in the future.

While holding non-practising registration, psychologists are not required to meet the Board’s registration standards that specifically exclude those with non-practising registration, including professional indemnity insurance, continuing professional development or recency of practice.

The Board’s requirements regarding professional conduct, notifiable conduct and mandatory reporting still apply to non-practising psychologists.

Non-practising registration

Psychologists holding non-practising registration must not practise the profession at all. Before applying for non-practising registration you should ensure that any work you intend to do in Australia while holding non-practising registration is not captured in the Board’s definition of ‘practice’.

‘Practice’ means any role, whether remunerated or not, in which you use your skills and knowledge as a registered psychologist in the profession. Practice is not restricted to the provision of direct clinical care. It also includes using your professional knowledge in a direct non-clinical relationship with clients, when working in management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles, and any other roles that impact the safe, effective delivery of services in the profession.

If you currently hold general registration, you can apply for non-practising registration using online services. Log in to your account to apply.

If you don't currently hold general registration, you can apply for non-practising registration by using the ANPC-76 form:

Returning to practice after a period of non-practising registration

If you are taking a break from practice in Australia and you intend to return to practice in the future, ensure you are familiar with the recency of practice requirements for psychologists.

If you have not practised as a psychologist or provisional psychologist for five years or more, you are not automatically eligible for general registration or renewal. In this case you may be required to undertake remedial action, such as undertaking a period of supervised practice and/or sitting the national psychology exam. See the Recency of practice registration standard, the Policy for recency of practice requirements and the fact sheet When it is necessary to be registered as a psychologist for more information.

Page reviewed 20/09/2019