Registrar program

The standard pathway to obtaining a psychology area of practice endorsement in Australia is completion of an accredited higher degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) in one of the approved areas of practice, followed by a Board approved registrar program.

Undergraduate psychology qualification

4 year sequence of accredited study or equivalent
Obtain provisional registration as a psychologist
Postgraduate psychology qualification

Accredited program in one of nine approved areas of practice

Choose from three pathways:
Masters pathway

Postgraduate degree accredited at fifth and sixth year (e.g. MPsych or bridging program)

Combined pathway

Postgraduate degree accredited at fifth and sixth year with a doctoral thesis (e.g. MPsych/PhD)
Doctoral pathway

Postgraduate degree accredited at fifth, sixth and seventh year (e.g. DPsych or PsyD)

Obtain general registration as a psychologist
Obtain approval to commence a Registrar Program
3000 hour registrar program

In the same area of practice as your Masters degree
2250 hour registrar program

In the same area of practice as your combined degree
1500 hour registrar program

In the same area of practice as your doctoral degree
Obtain area of practice endorsement on general registration

The registrar program is a period of advanced supervised practice in one of the nine approved areas of practice. The program enables development of the core competencies relevant to the area of practice to the level of depth and expertise expected of an endorsed practitioner.

The registrar program consists of three components:

  1. psychological practice
  2. supervision with a Board approved supervisor
  3. active continuing professional development (69 KB,PDF)

Full details of the requirements of the registrar program, including the competencies, are available in the following guideline:

Application forms and information

Refer to the Board’s schedule of fees for details of application fees and registration fees.

Starting the registrar program 

To be eligible to apply to start a registrar program you must have general registration.

Doctorate candidates are permitted to apply for general registration and apply to begin the registrar program before completion of the doctoral thesis. Read the following documents for further information:

Once you have:

  1. general registration, and
  2. a Board approved supervisor who has agreed to supervise you in the registrar program, and
  3. a suitable work role or placements that enables you to meet the practice requirements, and
  4. designed a program of supervised practice that meets the requirements of the Guidelines on area of practice endorsements (925 KB,PDF)

you can apply to the Board for approval of the registrar program using the following form:

Note: transition provisions apply to psychologists who were already enrolled in an accredited Masters or combined Masters/PhD immediately prior to the commencement of the National Scheme, i.e. on 30 June 2010. Refer to the above application form for details.

During the registrar program 

Use the following forms to report to the Board during the registrar program:

Finishing the registrar program 

At the end of the registrar program a final progress report (490 KB,PDF) needs to be completed and submitted to the Board with an application for endorsement:

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