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4+2 internship program

The 4+2 internship program closed to new applications on 30 June 2022.

Information on this page is for current 4+2 interns. Detailed information on the retirement of the 4+2 internship program can be found at: Retirement of the 4+2 internship program.

Requirements for 4+2 interns

The internship is an intensive supervised training program that enables you to develop and demonstrate the eight core competencies required for general registration. During the two-year program (or equivalent part-time), you will consolidate the skills and knowledge developed during your study and apply these in a practical setting. The internship involves:

  • psychological practice carried out in an approved work role
  • supervision by a Board-approved supervisor (one principal supervisor and one or more secondary supervisors), and
  • professional development activities.

The Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program are a key document that you will need to refer to throughout your internship. They explain the requirements of your internship, including work role, supervisory arrangements.

At the end of the internship, you will be required to sit the National Psychology Exam before you can apply for general registration.  

Interns will have a maximum of five years to complete the two-year internship program.

We are committed to ensure equity for those interns who need to study or work part-time or take a leave of absence due to family, medical, or maternity reasons. By allowing the maximum timeframe for completion of the internship, we can promote equity within reasonable retirement timeframes.

If you think you will need longer to complete the internship, please see the guidelines on Extended leave provisions for provisional psychologists.


Retirement of the 4+2 internship

The 4+2 internship program was closed to new applicants on 30 June 2022, ahead of the full retirement of the program on 1 January 2029. It is important that current 4+2 interns successfully complete all the requirements of their internship by the key dates below:

Key date
30 June 2022 30 June 2022 was the final day we accepted applications for provisional registration to undertake the 4+2 internship program (i.e. the two-year internship).
30 June 2027 The last day that a person who has completed the 4+2 internship program (including passing the National Psychology Exam) can apply for general registration.
This is also the last date we will accept applications under Extended leave provisions for provisional psychologists.

We strongly encourage you to apply six to eight weeks prior to this deadline to ensure there is enough time for your application to be assessed.
1 January 2029 The date the new General registration standard and Provisional registration standard come into effect, and the 4+2 internship pathway to general registration is retired.
Applications for general registration from applicants who have completed the 4+2 internship cannot be accepted once the new standard is in force.

Further information

Current 4+2 interns should refer to the following documents to assist in completing the requirements before this pathway is retired:

Case report exemption for internship plans approved before June 2017

Provisional psychologists who had their internship program plan approved by the Board on or before 31 May 2017, under the old 4+2 guidelines, only need to complete six case reports and submit three of those to the Board. Interns who only had one or two case reports to submit after 1 June 2017, your supervisor should determine whether your outstanding reports need to be assessment or intervention focused. Interns who had not yet submitted a case report to the Board before 1 June 2017 must submit at least one assessment and one intervention case report.

For internship plans approved on or after 1 June 2017, under the current 4+2 guidelines, interns must complete eight case reports and submit four of these to the Board (two assessment focused and two intervention focused).

Page reviewed 1/07/2022