Psychology Board of Australia
Psychology Board of Australia


The Psychology Board of Australia is committed to protecting the public by ensuring that only practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified to practice in a competent and ethical manner are registered.

Supervisors play a key role in the training in, and assessing of, the psychological competencies that are required to become a registered psychologist, and for area of practice endorsement.

The following registration standards require that supervision only be provided by Board-approved supervisors:

The Psychology Board of Australia has published a Guideline for supervisors and supervisor training providers to outline the requirements that psychologists and supervisor training providers must meet to become Board-approved.

The Psychology Board of Australia conducted two public consultations on the supervisor competencies and supervisor training programs. To read the consultation papers and submissions, please visit Past Consultations.

The Psychology Board of Australia is committed to ensuring that all training pathways leading to registration are well supported with supervisors.

There are now over 8,500 Board-approved supervisors, approximately one quarter of psychologists. This number has been steadily increasing since the National Scheme began (in 2010).

Data on the numbers and geographic location of psychology Board-approved supervisors can be found on the Board's Statistics page.

Page reviewed 4/10/2013