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5+1 internship program

The 5+1 internship program refers to the fifth year of a five year sequence of accredited tertiary study comprising coursework and practical placements, followed by a sixth year (one year full-time or equivalent part-time) supervised practice internship approved by the Psychology Board of Australia.

For information about accredited fifth year degrees (e.g. a Post Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology) that are offered, see the Board’s list of approved programs of study. For information about entry requirements to fifth year programs please contact the university or college directly.

The requirements of the sixth year internship are set out in the Board’s Provisional registration standard and more detailed information is included in the Guidelines for the 5+1 internship program.  

Transition provisions for the 5+1 internship program

The Guidelines for the 5+1 internship program were released on 16 December 2013 and are effective from that date.

Provisional psychologists who commenced their sixth year internship for the 5+1 internship program before 16 December 2013 have been permitted to undertake their internship in accordance with transition arrangements set out in the fact sheet Transition provisions for the 5+1 internship (below) using the Guidelines for 4+2 internship programs and the reporting and recording forms provided for the 4+2 program. These provisional psychologists are now required to transfer to the new guidelines. Read the following fact sheets for details of change-over period provisions:

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