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Psychology Board of Australia

4+2 internship program

The 4+2 internship program is an intensive supervised training program completed over two years (or equivalent part-time) that enables the individual to gain the supervised practice experience necessary to become eligible to apply for general registration as a psychologist. The main objective of the internship is the achievement of the eight core competencies required for general registration:

  1. Knowledge of the discipline
  2. Ethical, legal and professional matters
  3. Psychological assessment and measurement
  4. Intervention strategies
  5. Research and evaluation
  6. Communication and interpersonal relationships
  7. Working with people from diverse groups
  8. Practice across the lifespan.

Detailed information about the 4+2 internship can be found in:

For a smooth transition for provisional psychologists who had commenced the 4+2 internship before the new guidelines were published (on 1 June 2017), the Board has approved transition arrangements for recognising work completed for the old internship. The following resources are provided to assist those transitioning to the new internship:

Provisional registration for the 4+2 internship program

To start the 4+2 internship, individuals must have completed an accredited fourth year psychology degree (see the Board’s list of approved programs of study) and be provisionally registered. Provisional registration is usually granted for one calendar year and must be maintained for the duration of the internship program.

Online application for provisional registration in the 4+2 pathway is available if you:

  • have completed an accredited fourth year psychology degree in the last 10 years (or will be finishing soon), and
  • have never previously been registered as a health practitioner or student with one of the 14 health professions boards in Australia, and
  • have arranged suitable work role/s and supervisor/s, and have developed an internship plan that meets the Board’s requirements (refer to the Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program for details).

For full details visit Graduate Applications.

Alternatively you can apply for provisional registration using the following paper application form and lodging it with your local office of AHPRA:

For information on proof of identity and certifying documents for your application please refer to AHPRA common application forms.

For information on the fees for provisional registration please refer to the Board’s schedule of fees.
Before applying for provisional registration you must ensure you are familiar with the obligations and responsibilities of provisional psychologists, including the Board’s registration standards, and the code of ethics, policies and guidelines.

Two renewal limit

Provisional registration must be renewed each year for the duration of the internship program.

Under section 64(3) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory, provisional registration may not be renewed more than twice. Therefore, provisional psychologists who require more than three years (one year initial registration plus two renewals) to complete the 4+2 internship will be required to make a new application for provisional registration before the end of the third year. There is a special form - ARPP-76 - Application for provisional registration after three years of provisional registration, and a streamlined application process to ensure the supervised practice program is not disrupted. There is no application fee for this application, just the annual registration fee is paid which is the same as the annual renewal fee, so provisional psychologists who need to make a new application don’t incur any additional costs.

Further information

For more information about the 4+2 internship program click the links below:

National Psychology Examination

Provisional psychologists who complete the 4+2 internship program are required to pass the National Psychology Examination before applying for general registration.

Detailed information about exam, including an examination guideline (which includes transition provisions), study resources and access to the examination portal where you can book to sit the exam, is available in the National Psychology Examination section of this website.

Graduate Applications

Graduating soon? Apply for provisional registration now.

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