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4+2 internship program

The 4+2 internship program is an intensive training program in psychology completed over two years (or equivalent part-time) under supervision that enables the individual to gain the supervised practice experience necessary to become eligible to apply for General registration as a psychologist.

The Board’s revised Provisional registration standard and Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program will come into effect from 1 June 2017.

From 1 June 2017 applications for provisional registration in the 4+2 internship pathway must meet the requirements in the updated versions of the provisional registration standard and the guidelines for the 4+2 internship program.

Both documents have been revised following wide-ranging consultation with psychologists and provisional psychologists, employers, government and the public.

The new 4+2 internship is an outcome-focused, competency based internship within a structured practice framework. There is a strong focus on the role of the supervisor and supervisor-based assessment with light-touch oversight by the Board.

Advance copies are provided below to enable new applicants for provisional registration as well as current 4+2 provisional psychologists and their supervisors and employers, to become familiar with the new documents before they come into effect on 1 June 2017.

Document name  PDF  Accessible format  Date of effect 
Advance copy - Registration standard: Provisional registration  PDF 
Word version
1 June 2017 
Advance copy - Guidelines: 4+2 internship program  PDF 
Word version
1 June 2017 

Information for current 4+2 provisional psychologists

For a smooth transition to the revised guidelines for current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists, the Board has published the revised guideline in advance of the 1 June 2017 commencement date. The Board has also approved a three month transition period from 1 June 2017 to 1 September 2017 for current 4+2 internships and has approved transition arrangements for recognising work completed for the old internship, towards the new internship.

The following information is provided for current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists and their supervisors:

Further information, included updated application and reporting forms will be published prior to 1 June 2017.

For more information about the 4+2 internship program click the links below:

Provisional psychologists that are completing the 4+2 internship program and who expect to apply for general registration after 1 July 2013 should also refer to information about the National Psychology Examination.

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