National Psychology Exam

The national psychology examination ensures a consistent professional standard of psychologists nationally. Passing the examination will be required in order to gain general registration.

The sections below provide information to assist candidates preparing for the examination. Alternatively, you can download the Guidelines for the National Psychology Examination available on the Codes, Guidelines and Policies page. 

Overview and background of examination

Find out about purpose of the examination including overall requirements, exemptions and transition provisions.

Content of the examination

This section provides information about the curriculum, recommended reading list and details of the current examination format.

The new National psychology examination curriculum

This section provides information about the new curriculum that takes effect on 1 August 2018.

Sitting the examination

This section includes information about eligibility, fees, applying for special consideration, what to do if you fail and what to do if you have special needs.

Frequently asked questions

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Information video

This video provides information about who needs to sit the National Psychology Exam and what they need to do in order to become a registered psychologist.

Need to sit the National Psychology Exam?

Examination portal

As easy as...

  1. Access the Examination Portal to set up your examination account.
  2. Allow five working days to receive notice that your account has been activated.
  3. Log in to your active account to take the Practice Exam and register for the National Psychology Examination.

Please note: Exam dates may vary across the exam period, depending on your venue’s available space and hours of operation.

You can view the online schedule and book your exam only during the active registration period (see below).

2018 schedule of exams:

  • Friday 2 – Friday 23 FEBRUARY
    Register: Mon 11 Dec – Fri 19 Jan

  • Friday 4 – Friday 25 MAY
    Register: Mon 12 Mar – Fri 20 Apr

  • Friday 3 – Friday 24 AUGUST
    Register: Mon 11 Jun – Fri 20 Jul

  • Friday 2 – Friday 23 NOVEMBER
    Register: Mon 10 Sep – Fri 19 Oct


Address all examination queries to

Examination Resources:

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