Psychology Board of Australia
Psychology Board of Australia

General registration

General registration is available to psychologists who meet the eligibility requirements under section 52 of the National Law. General registration as a psychologist enables an individual to work in any area of psychology that is within their scope of competence and use the title 'Psychologist'. All psychologists with General registration meet a minimum standard of education and training and have been assessed as a suitable person to hold General registration in the profession.

The requirements for general registration are set out in the General registration standard.

The education and training requirement for General registration is a six year sequence comprising a four year accredited sequence of study such as an honours degree followed by two years of supervised practice as a Provisional Psychologist.

Other requirements to obtain or maintain General registration are set out in the following registration standards:

Psychologists with General registration that have a recognised higher degree and advanced supervised practice in a particular area of practice can apply for an area of practice endorsement on their General registration.

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