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Transition information for the revised 4+2 internship guideline now available

14 Mar 2017

The Psychology Board of Australia’s revised 4+2 guideline will commence on 1 June 2017 together with the revised registration standard for provisional registration.

The Board has previously published advance copies of the revised standard and the revised guideline so that there is plenty of time for applicants and registrants to review the changes before they come into effect.

Key changes to the guideline include:

  • more flexible supervision arrangements
  • promotion of simulated learning activities
  • increased supervisor responsibilities, and
  • greater focus on outcomes with more flexibility to demonstrate achievement of the core competencies in different ways.

From 1 June 2017 all new applications for approval of a 4+2 internship plan must be in accordance with the requirements of the revised guideline.

Also from 1 June 2017, the Board will start accepting applications for general registration from current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists who have met the internship requirements under the revised guidelines.

There will be a transition period for current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists from 1 June to 1 September 2017. During this period applications for general registration will be accepted of they have met either the old or the new 4+2 internship requirements.

From 1 September 2017 all 4+2 pathway applications for general registration must meet the new requirements.

To support a smooth transition, the Board has approved transition provisions for current interns and is providing resources for transferring current 4+2 internship programs to the revised guidelines.

The Board has published the following information to support transition to the new 4+2 internship program:

  • Fact sheet for current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists transitioning to the new internship program
  • Resource – requirements for psychological testing and transition arrangements
  • Resource – requirements for assessment tasks and transition arrangements
  • Advance copy – Final assessment of competence - PPAC-76
  • Transition checklist
  • Frequently asked questions

The Board will also be writing to Board-approved supervisors and current 4+2 pathway provisional psychologists with information about the changes.

From 1 June 2017 all new applications for approval of a 4+2 internship program must include an internship plan that meets the requirements in the revised standard and guideline. Current provisional psychologists finishing the 4+2 program can apply for general registration having met the requirements of the new 4+2 internship under the revised guidelines.

Page reviewed 14/03/2017