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Guidelines and policies

The Psychology Board of Australia has developed guidelines and policies to provide guidance to the profession. These also help to clarify the Board's views and expectations on a range of issues.

Code of ethics

The Board has adopted the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics for the profession.

Until the Board has developed a code of conduct, compliance with the APS Code of Ethics is a requirement of registration as a psychologist in Australia.


Document Attachments Date of effect
Guideline - Informing a National Board about where you practise 

PDF (152 KB) 

Word (590 KB,DOCX)

1 August 2018
Guidelines: transitional programs for overseas qualified applicants 

PDF (122 KB) 

Word (90.9 KB,DOCX)

10 April 2017 
Guidelines: Mandatory notifications about registered health practitioners*

PDF (250 KB)

Web page

1 March 2020
Guidelines for advertising a regulated health service

PDF (192 KB)

Web page

14 December 2020
Guidelines for supervisors

PDF (117 KB)

Word (136 KB,DOC)

1 August 2018
Guidelines for supervisor training providers

PDF (104 KB)

Word (136 KB,DOCX)

1 January 2024 
Guidelines for continuing professional development

PDF (609 KB)

Word (158 KB,DOCX)

1 December 2015
Guidelines on area of practice endorsements PDF (266 KB)

Web page
1 December 2019
Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program

PDF (1.04 MB)

Word (1.06 MB,DOCX)

1 June 2017

Guidelines for the National Psychology Exam

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the National psychology exam candidate manual

PDF (316 KB)

Web Page

19 July 2019

Guidelines for the 5+1 internship program

Important: These guidelines should be read in conjunction with Fact sheet: 5+1 internship - Implementing the revised registration standards.

PDF (267 KB)

Word (208 KB,DOCX)

16 December 2013

*The Guidelines: Mandatory notifications about registered students are available on the Ahpra website, and should be used if you are concerned about a student in a registered health profession other than psychology. Someone who holds provisional registration as a Psychologist and is undertaking a postgraduate approved program of study or internship is not considered student for the purpose of these Guidelines and they are covered by the Guidelines: Mandatory notifications about registered health practitioners.

The Guidelines: Mandatory notifications about registered health practitioners have been updated on 29 June 2020 to include minor formatting and word changes and changes to the flowcharts on pages 20, 22 and 26 of the guidelines.


Document Attachments Date of effect
Policy for provisional registration in combined 4th and 5th year programs of study

PDF (57.9KB)

Word (110 KB,DOCX)

30 August 2019
Common Protocol - Informing notifiers about the reasons for National Board decisions 

PDF (91.8KB)

Word (58.6 KB,DOCX)

1 August 2018
Policy for recency of practice requirements

PDF (223KB)

Word (306 KB,DOCX)

1 December 2016
Policy on working in addition to placements

PDF (423 KB)

Word (97.9 KB,DOCX)

1 September 2015
Policy for higher degree students applying for general registration

PDF (70.1 KB)

Word (303 KB,DOCX)

2 May 2016

Policy directions

Under Section 11 of the National Law, as in force in each state and territory, the Ministerial Council may issue a National Board with policy directions.

Document PDF Accessible format Date of effect
Policy Direction 2019-01 - Paramountcy of public protection when administering the National Scheme
Policy Direction 2019-02 - Requirements to consult with patient safety bodies and health care consumer bodies on every new and revised registration standard, code and guidelines
8 January 2020

The Board reviews its documents regularly, usually at least every five years. The date of next review is published at the end of each document as a guide on when the next review is expected to begin. Review of Board publications is undertaken in accordance with the Consultation process of National Boards.

FAQ and Fact Sheets

Please see the FAQ and Fact Sheets page.

Retired versions

Retired versions of policies and guidelines are available from the Retired policies and guidelines page.

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