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New guidelines for the national psychology exam

19 Jul 2019

The Psychology Board of Australia (the Board) recently carried out a public consultation on proposed updates to the Guidelines for the National Psychology Exam (the guidelines) and are now publishing resulting changes.

As a result of the consultation the following changes are being made to the guidelines:

The higher degree exemption from sitting the exam will become permanent

This means graduates from higher degree programs will not be required to sit the exam. Candidates seeking registration through the non-accredited pathways (4+2 and 5+1 internship pathways) and overseas-trained applicants will still be required to pass the exam.

The permanent exemption will:

  • remove the need to periodically consult on extending the higher degree exemption
  • allow the Board to use accreditation processes more effectively
  • result in reduced regulation, and
  • create certainty for higher degree students, education providers and supervisors about the Board’s requirements for registration.

Because the temporary exemption has been in place since 2013 and wasn’t due to expire until 31 December 2019, the Board decided against a transition period and has made the permanent exemption operational immediately.

The guidelines will be separated into two documents

There will be a policy document (a revised guideline) and an operational document (a new manual for candidates who are enrolled to sit the exam).

Separating the policy and operational information will make it easier for candidates who are required to sit the exam to better prepare by improving the clarity, simplicity and access to relevant information.

The documents are effective from 19 July 2019. Candidates sitting the exam are encouraged to read both documents carefully as part of their study and preparation.

The exam section of the Board’s website has been revised and updated

This will ensure all exam resources are in one place on the Board’s website and will make it easier for candidates to find information.

The revised guidelines and new manual are published on the Board’s National Psychology Exam page.

The consultation paper and public submissions are available on the Board’s Past Consultations page.

Page reviewed 19/07/2019