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Retirement of the 4+2 internship pathway to general registration

24 May 2019

On 3 April 2019, the Ministerial Council approved the revised General registration standard and Provisional registration standard removing the 4+2 internship as a pathway to general registration.

The last date to begin a 4+2 internship program will be 30 June 2022. The revised standards will take effect on 1 January 2029.

Psychology Board of Australia Chair Rachel Phillips said, ‘A retirement date of 1 January 2029 provides the best balance of minimising any impacts of the transition to retirement on stakeholders, particularly students and higher education providers, while at the same time managing the costs, burden and risks associated with the 4+2 internship pathway by retiring this pathway in a stepped manner.'

The 4+2 internship program is being retired as a pathway to registration in favour of the 5+1 internship program to reduce the regulatory burden of psychology training.

Board Chair Ms Phillips said, ‘While the 4+2 internship pathway has a long history of servicing the profession and employers well, and has produced many high-quality practitioners, the pathway is no longer fit-for-purpose.’

This transition period means that current 4+2 interns will not be affected by the Board’s proposal to retire the 4+2 internship pathway because they have already started the internship.

Students who are currently undertaking a fourth-year program will have time to complete their studies and enrol in the internship before the deadline.

The transition timeframes also allows for the maximum time permitted in the Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program (five years) for the two-year internship to be completed.

The Board is committed to ensure equity for those students who need to study or work part-time or take a leave of absence due to family, medical, or maternity reasons.

‘By allowing the maximum timeframe for completion of the internship, the Board can promote equity within reasonable retirement timeframes,’ Ms Phillips said.

Key dates

30 June 2022 – The last day that the Board will accept applicants to begin a 4+2 internship program (the 4+2 internship).

30 June 2027 – The last day that a person who has completed a 4+2 internship program can apply for general registration.

1 January 2029 – The date the new General registration standard and Provisional registration standard take effect, and the 4+2 internship pathway to general registration is retired.

For more information

Visit retirement of the 4+2 internship page (https://www.psychologyboard.gov.au/Standards-and-Guidelines/FAQ/Retirement-of-4-2-internship.aspx).  


Page reviewed 24/05/2019