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New guideline for transitional programs published today

10 Apr 2017

The Board has published a new guideline on transitional programs for overseas qualified applicants, with information for overseas-applicants, their employers and their supervisors.

The new Guideline: transitional programs for overseas qualified applicants is available on the codes, guidelines and policies page. There is also further information about the program and other relevant information in the overseas applicants section of the website.

The Board decided to develop a new guideline following retirement of its policy for overseas qualified applicants, and in response to feedback from the profession that extra guidance in this area is needed.

Wide-ranging consultation with the profession and stakeholders, including a public consultation paper, was undertaken in the development of the new guideline.

The core requirements for transitional programs (as set out in the Registration standard: General registration) are not changing. However, the new guideline provides extra information about skills and knowledge to be covered in the program. There is also guidance on applying for an exemption from the transitional program.

Overseas psychologists currently doing the transitional program and their supervisors will not be impacted by the new guideline; all current programs continue as before. However psychologists and supervisors may find the additional guidance in the guideline useful.

Page reviewed 10/04/2017