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Registered psychologists: beware of hoax email purporting to be from the Psychology Board of Australia

01 Aug 2016

We have recently been alerted that an email with the subject line: ‘AHPRA approval of revised general registration standard’ seemingly from the email address [email protected] has been received by some psychology practitioners.

The email is a ‘phishing attack’ - a scam email purportedly sent from a legitimate business (in this case the Psychology Board of Australia), which tries to trick you into giving personal information or may infect your computer, usually through you clicking on a link or by downloading a document.

Please be advised that AHPRA did not send this email and our email system is not compromised.

If you have received an email like the one described above, please delete it. Or if you have received a suspicious looking email and you are not sure whether to open it, please contact us on 1300 419 495.

You can learn more about phishing emails and how to identify them at the Australian Government’s ‘Stay smart online’ website.

Page reviewed 1/08/2016