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Psychologist reprimanded for unsatisfactory professional conduct

26 Feb 2016

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has reprimanded psychologist Kirsten McArthur after finding she engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct.

The basis of the Tribunal’s finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct was that Ms McArthur failed to keep any, or any adequate clinical records of initial psychological assessments of 20 clients or psychological services which she provided on 93 occasions. Ms Mcarthur was also found to have failed to comply with undertakings she had provided to then Psychologists Board of Queensland (Board) to work only in a supervised position approved by the Board and to recruit a board-approved professional colleague to act as her workplace supervisor.

The Board commenced disciplinary proceedings against Ms Kirsten McArthur on 1 March 2012. The Tribunal issued its decision on 25 November 2015 and found that the conduct constituted unsatisfactory professional conduct and more specifically that the failure to maintain adequate records was at least professional conduct of a lesser standard than that which might be expected of her by the public or her professional peers and was also professional conduct which demonstrated a lack of adequate judgment or care in the practice of her profession.

The Tribunal also found that Ms McArthur’s failure to adhere to the undertaking was misconduct in a professional respect and conduct discreditable to her profession.

The Tribunal ordered that Ms McArthur be reprimanded and for the reprimand to be recorded on the public register for 6 months. It also ordered Ms McArthur to pay the Board’s costs of the proceedings.

The reasons for the tribunal’s decision are on the Austlii website.

Page reviewed 26/02/2016