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Interim 4+2 guideline released

02 Oct 2013

The Board has released an interim guideline for 4+2 internship programs.

The interim guideline implements some key changes to the program in response to stakeholder feedback.

The changes correct inconsistencies, improve clarity, and incorporate changes that have occurred since the guideline was first released in 2010 – such as the introduction of the national psychology examination and mandatory supervisor training. They also implement changes recommended by stakeholders such as the new requirement for case studies to be submitted to the Board and assessed during the second half of the internship instead of at the end.

The interim Guidelines for 4+2 internship programs for provisional psychologists and supervisors have been published on the website and are effective from 1 October 2013.

The Board has also made some improvements to the reporting and recording forms and has released new versions of the progress report form and final assessment of competence form, along with some new supplementary forms for provisional psychologists and supervisors.

Please note that these are an interim guideline and the Board continues with its project for a full review of the guideline, for which it will be consulting in due course.

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