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Overseas trained psychologists

If you are an overseas trained psychologist you can apply for an endorsement under part (c) of the Area of practice endorsements registration standard (288 KB,PDF) if you have completed postgraduate qualifications that are assessed as equivalent to a six year accredited sequence of study in Australia, followed by a period of advanced supervised practice that is equivalent to a Psychology Board of Australia registrar program.

To be eligible to apply for an endorsement you must first have general registration as a psychologist.

Before becoming eligible for general registration overseas trained applicants are generally required to:

while registered as a provisional psychologist.

If you are an overseas trained psychologist who only partially meets the requirements for an endorsement under part (c) of the Area of practice endorsements registration standard (288 KB,PDF), e.g. you have completed a suitable qualification but not all of the required advance supervised practice, you can apply to commence the registrar program once you have been granted general registration.

Note: the Board will consider requests for reduction in the requirements of the registrar program in recognition of advanced supervised practice completed overseas on a case by case basis.

Overseas trained applicants seeking full or partial recognition of postgraduate qualifications and advanced supervised practice completed overseas can use the following form to apply:

You must submit sufficient evidence with your application to allow the Board to determine if your training is substantially equivalent to the training required by the Board. The application form includes details of what to attach.

Trans-Tasman psychologists

If you are a psychologist who holds a current practising certificate in New Zealand in a vocational scope of practice that is equivalent to an approved area of practice in Australia, you can apply for general registration and area of practice endorsement under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act.

If you wish to apply for an area of practice endorsement in Australia that does not have an equivalent vocational scope of practice registration in New Zealand, you can apply for General registration under TTMRA and apply for the endorsement separately. See Overseas applicants for more information about TTMRA.

Completion of an accredited doctorate under transition provisions 

When the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme started in 2010 the Psychology Board of Australia approved the following transition provision:

any student who was undertaking an APAC accredited Doctorate of Psychology degree associated with an area of practice endorsement on 30 June 2010 will be eligible to apply for an area of practice endorsement after completing all the degree requirements and graduating from the degree

This transition provision also applies to any student who was enrolled in a different APAC accredited degree on 30 June 2010 but who then changed their degree and completed an accredited Doctorate (i.e. MPsych student who changed to a DPsych).

To apply for endorsement under this transition provision use the following form:

Candidates who complete a Doctor of Psychology but who were not enrolled on 30 June 2010 (i.e. enrolled for the first time at a later date) must complete a one year registrar program to be eligible to apply for endorsement.

The Board has not specified a deadline to complete the degree and apply for endorsement for students enrolled in an accredited degree on 30 June 2010. However psychologists should be aware of university requirements to complete higher degrees in a timely fashion and of the Board’s recency of practice requirements – see the Recency of practice registration standard for full details.

Page reviewed 9/08/2017