The sixth year internship program

The sixth year internship program is the final year of psychology training for 5+1 pathway provisional psychologists before becoming eligible for general registration, and is carried out following successful completion of an accredited fifth year program.

The internship is a one-year program (or equivalent part-time) of intensive training during which the provisional psychologist consolidates the skills and knowledge developed during the first five years of training and applies them in a practical setting. The main objective of the internship is the achievement of the eight core competencies required for general registration:

  • Knowledge of the discipline 
  • Ethical, legal and professional matters 
  • Psychological assessment and measurement 
  • Intervention strategies 
  • Research and evaluation 
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships 
  • Working within a cross-cultural context 
  • Practice across the lifespan.

There are three main components to the internship program:

  • psychological practice 
  • supervision, and 
  • professional development.

Full details of the requirements of the sixth year internship program can be found in the Guidelines for the 5+1 internship program (784 KB,PDF), Word version (208 KB,DOCX).  

Reporting and recording forms for the sixth year internship program

National Psychology Examination

Provisional psychologists who complete the 5+1 internship program are required to pass the National Psychology Examination during their sixth year internship, before applying for general registration.

Detailed information about exam, including an examination guideline (which includes transition provisions), study resources and access to the examination portal where you can book to sit the exam, is available in the National Psychology Examination section of this website.

Page reviewed 20/05/2015