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Fact sheets and frequently asked questions

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Working in addition to fifth year placements

Provisional psychologists undertaking an accredited fifth year degree may seek the Board’s approval to obtain extra experience working under supervision in psychological positions that are not part of the university placements for the fifth year degree.

Board approval must be obtained before working in any psychological position where:

  • you use the title ‘provisional psychologist’ in the position, or any other title that could be taken to mean you are a provisional psychologist (‘intern psychologist’, ‘trainee psychologist’ etc.), and/or
  • you will have any direct contact with clients in the position (including providing psychology services via telephone).

It is important to note that extra experience obtained during fifth year cannot be counted towards the sixth year internship. Only practice completed after successful completion of the fifth year degree and in accordance with a Board-approved internship program plan is recognised by the Board as part of the sixth year internship.

If you will be undertaking your sixth year internship in a position that you started working in during fifth year, and under the same approved supervisor, you can continue working in the position for up to 28 days after you have completed all the requirements of your degree while finalising your sixth year internship plan. You can also continue working after you have submitted the plan and are waiting for it to be approved, but you can only begin to accrue hours towards the internship once you receive written advice that your sixth year internship program plan has been approved by the Board.

For full details please read the Board’s Policy on working in addition to placements (423 KB,PDF). Word version (97.9 KB,DOCX)

Forms for working in addition to placements:

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